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Performing such tracing is possible only with respect to the factors and operational indicators involved in the evaluation process of the strategic plans of the universities, as well as the planning and allocation of financial resources at the macro and micro level. In this regard, the Institute decided to host a one-day conference and workshop for top managers of the top public universities by inviting one of the famous experts in implementing Trace Study projects. This was done based on the need for recognizing, informing and training of university administrators as possible. For this purpose, Mr. Harald Schomburg coordinator of QTAFI from Germany was invited.
Specialized summit and trainee workshop was hold on 2- 3 June 2013 with the aim of explain the theoretical  and practical aspects of graduate trace studies and share the experiences of implementing same projects in other countries, especially in Asia. It conducted  with good participation of the delegates from  “National Planning and Management Organization”(MPO), the delegates of 12 major universities, representatives of affiliated organizations, some university experts and representatives of major organizations active in recruiting graduates. In the Specialized summit, the graduates' unemployment challenges and the necessity of adapting the curriculum to the needs of job market, as well as the necessity of graduates tracking were explained by the deputy chairperson of the development of scientific and cultural affairs of the MPO. Then an outline of the implementation of the graduates trace program in the institute for research and planning in Higher education was presented. Finally, Mr. Harald Schumburg explained the principles of alumni surveys across Europe and other countries. In the workshop, Mr. Harald Schomburg described the scientific and technical dimensions and special rules of conducting graduates trace study and the necessary infrastructures (software and hardware).

  1. Schomburg Data Collection
  2. Schomburg Design Tracer Study
  3. Schomburg Keynote Tracer Studies Worldwide
  4. Schomburg Questionnaire Development
  5. The First Workshop on “Graduates Trace Study”
  6. The Second Workshop on “Graduates Trace Study”
  7. The Third Workshop on “Graduates Trace Study”
  8. The Fourth Workshop on “Graduates Trace Study”
  9. The Fifth Workshop on “Graduates Trace Study”

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