Gathering Registered Data

 | Post date: 2018/12/8 | 
At this stage, representatives of the relevant executive agencies were invited to participate in the follow-up tracking roadmap (identification of bottlenecks), and in two special sessions, the objectives and routes of the trace and the role of each of the partner organizations were explained.
In response to this request, the inviting organizations cooperation have matched. In this approach, the graduates will be tracked in national registered databases (by formal memorandum contract). In this approach, academic registered data (name, family name and national identity number of universities graduate) will be tracked in the partner organizations database (Occupational Record Events), and career records (Employment Spells) will be announced for graduates.
In order to conduct a pilot study of trace by registered data, the registered profile of the Ph.D.  graduates in 2012-2013 academic year were tracked in “Ministry of cooperative labor and Social welfare” databases and their employment history was extracted.

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