The main objectives

The main objectives of the UNESCO chair are as follows:
  1. Studying the structure and functions of universities as super-complex systems, according to the issues and challenges facing higher education institutions.
  2. Establishing and developing a network of universities and higher education systems and expanding the relations with international actors in the field of higher education to improve the educational, research, and management performance in universities and higher education institutions of the country.
  3. Developing and disseminating knowledge, and understanding university pedagogy as a transdisciplinary field in order to improve the quality of learning opportunities in universities and higher education institutions in the country
  4. Developing the capabilities of faculty members and students in dealing with the current realities and issues and challenges of universities and examining how to overcome them.
  5. Contributing to human resource development in universities and higher education institutions through training derived from understanding the real situations of universities and higher education institutions, in interaction with policymakers and staff managers of higher education.
  6. Problemology of quality for educational, research and organizational performance in university systems due to their increasing complexity and providing ways to improve it based on the participation of their actors.
  7. Developing an interdisciplinary discourse in the field of higher education.
  8. Reviewing and critiquing the performance of higher education disciplines in the country's universities and their impact on the creation and development of higher education students according to the existing realities.
  9. Reviewing and critiquing the prevailing paradigms and approaches in policy-making, management and planning of higher education in the country.
  10. Critiquing and developing the knowledge of policymakers, managers, planners, experts, and stakeholders of the higher education system about the past, present and future of the performance of universities and higher education and research institutions in the country.
  11.  Holding training workshops tailored to the specific issues and needs of universities and higher education institutions in the country.
  12. Publishing studies and researches related to the management, planning and quality in higher education.
  13. Holding scientific meetings and conferences related to chair activities at the provincial, national, regional and international levels.
  14. Reviewing and criticizing the development programs of the country's higher education sector to adapt them to the realities of the country's universities.
  15. Collaborating with other UNESCO chairs and networks related to the field of higher education.

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