| Post date: 2016/04/4 | 
  1. To develop the basic and practical researches in the field of higher education.

  2. To produce and disseminate the theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of higher education and enhance the culture of planning in higher education in the different levels of scientific system in IRAN.

  3. To monitor the global and regional developments in higher education continuously and contribute to the planning of higher education based on recent developments.

  4. To train the specialized human resources in the field of management and planning of higher education.

  5. To create the appropriate structures for the quality assurance of higher education in the various levels.

  6. To develop the scientific interactions between institutions, universities, academic centers and policy references in the national and international level.

  7. To develop the scientific interaction and cooperation between the government sectors and the non-government sectors in the field of higher education.

  8. To provide the different scientific consultant services to the different institutions and stakeholders in the field of higher education.

  9. To enhance the performance of the scientific institutes and supply the expectations of internal and external customers.