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Research Projects

year Title Researcher
2021 A Study on the Governance of Higher Education Systems in the Selected Countries: the Cases of Germany, Australia, South Africa, England, France, Canada, South Korea Dr. Davood Hatami
2020 Teamwork in research activities of faculty members: Difficulties and Solutions Dr. Asghar zamani
2020 Views and Expectations of International Students from Iran’s Higher Education Dr. Mahtab Pouratashi
2020 Examining Internationalization Experiences of Humanities Research Institutes of Selected Countries Dr. Mahtab Pouratashi
2019 Sketching a system of designing and developing for academic curricula Dr. Maryam Hoseini Largani
2019 Policy studying of higher education expansion in Iran Dr. Somayeh Fereidouni
2018 Comparison of academic self-efficacy between e-learning system and face-to-face students: a case study of Shiraz University Mr. Ahmad Heidari Abdi
2018 Bullying among faculty members' relationships in the comprehensive universities of Tehran: a grounded theory approach Dr. Zahra Rashidi
2018 Need assessment of statistical items for higher education beneficiaries in order to development IRPHE higher education management system Dr. Ahmad Saeedi
2018 Modeling the employment development of higher education graduates in Iran Dr. Yaghoob Entezari
2018 Investigating selected universities activities on sustainable developments Dr. Mahtab Pouratashi
2018 Assessing the attitude system of the provincial supervision, evaluation, and quality assurance board members of  higher education over the issues of supervision, evaluation and quality assurance in higher education Dr. Abbas Rashnavadi
2018 Analysis of innovative curriculum in Iran's higher education system: Identification of the concept and the underlying factors Dr. Maryam Hoseini Largani
2018 Study of the factors, obstacles and patterns of education choices of female students Dr. Sima Bouzari
2018 Modeling innovation ecosystem in academic regions of Iran Dr. Yaghoob Entezari
2017 Survey on the countries experience in the data collecting and disseminating the higher education statistics Dr. Ahmad Ali Yazdanpanah
2017 A study on the status of organizational experiences documentation of chancellors and deputies of research centers and institutes Dr. Asghar Zamani
2017 Challenges of distribution of higher education centers with emphasis on sustainable urban development (Tehran Metropolis) Dr. Sima Bouzari
2017 Intergenerational changes of academic life in Iran Dr. Maghsood Farasatkhah
2017 The relationship between self-efficacy and self-directed learning among college biology students Dr. Mehrnaz Roshanaei
2017 Feasibility Study for tracking state universities graduates in Iran Ms. Masoumeh Gharoun
2017 A national survey of cultural and social capital among Iranian college students: A longitudinal study Dr. Seyedhadi Marjaei
2017 Social impact of higher education expansion: A grounded theory approach Dr. Somayeh Fereidouni
2017 Management culture, organizational perception and behavior of university leaders, GLOBE national survey of university administrators in Iran Dr. Maghsood Farasatkhah
2017 Study of global citizenship education in the university curriculum of Iran Dr. Zahra Rashidi
2016 A study on the content state of general Persian (Farsi Omumi) unit for bachelors degree in the Iranian universities: Analyzing the texts, presenting suggestions for better compilation Dr. Davood Hatami
2016 An adaptation study of supply and demand of graduates employability skills Dr. Yaghoob Entezari
2016 Study of Adherence to academic and professional ethics in academic environment: A case study of faculty members in Iran Dr. Seyedhadi Marjaei
2016 Job burnout and its consequences among teachers of public Universities and providing appropriate solutions Dr. Nasrin Noorshahi
2016 Ranking of Iran provinces based on human development and human capital indices Dr. Mohamad Javad Salehi
2016 A comparative study on selected universities experiences regarding entrepreneurial university and its lessons for Iran Dr. Mahtab Pouratashi
2016 A study on the legal problems of non-profit-private universities and introducing legal solutions to solve them Dr. Gholamreza Zakersalehi
2016 Distribution of subsidies in Iran Higher education Dr. Yazdan Ebrahimi
2015 Assessment of employability skills in curricula of Engineering Dr. Yaghoob Entezari
2015 The evolution of higher education in USA, successful experiences and guidelines for Iran Dr. Nasrin Noorshahi
2015 Institutional research: Develop a model for Iranian universities Dr. Seyedhadi Marjaei
2015 A study to revise board of trustees code in universities and higher education institutions Dr. Gholamreza Zakersalehi
2015 An empirical investigation of the relation between knowledge and skills in chemistry undergraduate students Dr. Mehrnaz Roshanaei
2015 Understanding the phenomenological meaning of the quality of Iranian university in the mind of students; The case of Shahid Beheshti University  Dr. Maghsood Farasatkhah
2014 The relationship between dimension of quality of interpersonal relationships among successful and unsuccessful students Mr. Ahmad Heidari Abdi
2014 The survey of learning literacies (core and professional competencies) of graduates in Engineering Ms. Masoumeh Gharoun
2013 Designing applicable guidelines for professional development of faculty members Dr. Nasrin Noorshahi
2012 Comparative study on cultural manner plans for presenting improvement solution (Case study: Universities in target of Islamic Republic of Iran's vision statement) Dr. Ahmad Ali Yazdanpanah

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