1st National Conference on The Futures Studies of Higher Education in Iran

 | Post date: 2016/04/9 | 

The science and academic system is borderless by nature. Science is both local and global. It transcends the geographical limits to be the common wealth of the whole humanity. Only through interactions among various cultures a fair,multi-cultural world full of diversity,creativity,peace,symbiosis and synergy to improve the human conditions is hoped to reach and universities are among the most influencing institutions to establish such a conversation and interaction. The sixth article of the general science and technology policy stipulates the expansion of active,constructive and inspiring cooperation and interaction with other countries and regional and global centers in science and technology fields especially in the Islam
world together with strengthening the national autonomy.
The ministry of science,research and technology has based one of its fundamental plans on the internationalization of the higher education and universities.
The higher education internationalization is to interweave the functional,research,specialized services and other academic functionalities in local,national,regional and global scales.
Futures studies is the science to recognize the future events and changes and be ready for them and since science is one of the essential constituents for building the future,the higher education futures studies means planning the science movement of the country and directing it toward playing more prominent role in the national development economically,socially,culturally and scientifically. Regarding this outlook,“The 1st National Conference on the Futures Studies of Higher Education in Iran: Internationalization of Universities; Perspectives and Challenges” creates an opportunity for the researchers,academics,managers and policymakers to open new horizons in the path to the  internationalization of the Iranian universities.
Seyed Abolhassan Naini
The president of the
Imam Khomeini international university
Nasrin Noorshahi
The Director of the Institute for Research
and Planning in Higher Education (IRPHE) and
chair of the coference

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